Student of the Month

Desi Duncil
Introducing . . . second grader Desi Duncil! 
Desi is a 2nd grader in Mrs. Carpenter's class.  Desi's favorite subjects in school are P.E. and math.  Her favorite thing about Valley View?  The teachers!  When she is not in school, Desi loves to play outside. 
Desi was selected as our student of the month because of her maturity and her caring nature. If Desi ever sees a classmate who is frustrated, sad, or hurt, she is one of the first to rush to their side and provide comfort or support.  Desi is a peacemaker and a quiet leader.  She is respected by her peers and is a joy to have in any classroom.  We are proud of Desi and grateful that she is a Cub!  
Congratulations to Desi and her family!