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Olivia Kendrick
Introducing . . . 4th grader Olivia Kendrick!!!
Olivia is an awesome 4th grader here at Valley View.  She is kind, friendly, and has the sweetest spirit!  When asked about her favorite thing about Valley View, Olivia said it's that the teachers are so nice!  (We couldn't agree more, Olivia!)
Olivia's favorite subjects are science and ELA. She is also a very good writer, which is something she enjoys doing! Olivia has also been a cheerleader at Valley View since 3rd grade! When Olivia is at home, she likes to read and play outside with her dog.   
We couldn't be more proud of this wonderful student.  She consistently shows respect to her teachers and classmates and is a wonderful leader.  We know her family is proud of her, and so are we!!  Congratulations to Olivia and her family! 
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Big City University

Big City University is a high-quality after school grant-funded program that Bradley County Schools has been operating for 20 years. Students are transported from their home schools to North Cleveland Baptist church Monday-Thursday with staggered pick-up times from 5:30-6:00 PM. Parents are responsible for the pick-up of their students each afternoon along with attending mandatory Parent Meetings and Community Events. The program will operate during the normal school schedule.
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Future Ready - Student Technology Forms

Bradley County Schools strongly believes that technology is a tremendous source that provides countless opportunities for students and staff in educational settings. We have developed a 1-to-1 device program to provide each student with the opportunity to use technology in a way that will enrich and support a high-quality learning experience.