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Student of the Month

Meet Lucas Brennan, our May 2021 Student of the Month! 
Fifth grader Lucas Brennan is our May 2021 Student of the Month because he is an excellent and respectful student!  Lucas loves learning and his favorite subject in school is science.  At school he enjoys playing outside and reading.  Lucas also likes to read at home when he's not jumping on the trampoline.  Some of Lucas' favorites are:
Favorite book series = Harry Potter
Favorite food = macaroni and cheese
Favorite holiday = Halloween (because of the all the candy!)
Favorite musical instrument = xylophone
Favorite word = meow (ask him why!)
Congratulations to Lucas and his family on being selected as our May 2021 Student of the Month!
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BCS Weekly COVID-19 Updates

Bradley County Schools will continue to follow all COVID protocols and monitor the cases on a weekly basis. Due to the decrease in numbers and an increase in vaccinations, the weekly report will be discontinued after Spring Break. It is important to note that if we begin to see a spike in cases across the district, we will reevaluate the reporting.